Welcome to In Focus Leadership.

You are the world’s leading expert in your own life and work. My expertise supports you in clarifying and reaching ambitious goals. Together we uncover your blind spots, and overcome obstacles to a fulfilling life and career. 

My clients are successful, motivated entrepreneurs, business owners, executives, senior managers. I work with individuals who want to transition to a rewarding retirement or to improve their health and wellness. I consult with senior leaders to make their organizations work more effectively.

What clients say...

“Working with Dennis helped me stay focused and on track. He challenged me to face current realities and thoughtfully work through alternatives to make important decisions for my future. Dennis has a way of refocusing negative thoughts and conversation into positive, productive action. His calm and thoughtful manner was very helpful in taming my type-A style so that I could stop, think, plan and act on my goals and desires. I definitely recommend Dennis if you have changes to make or goals to achieve for yourself personally or for your business. It was a great experience!”

--CEO, Business Consulting Firm

“Dennis' experiences with directors and other senior executives, excellent listening skills, integrity to keep information private, and constant focus on achieving goals makes him a critical part of any planning and strategy team. Dennis has my highest recommendation and endorsement.”                

--Senior Global IT Executive

“Dennis is a thoughtful and intentional coach.  

He has a calmness about him that creates the space for real inner work.  Thank you Dennis!”    

--Senior Finance Manager, Railroad Company

"Working with Dennis helped me formulate my ideas and give me true direction. He held me accountable for my actions and I was able to make great progress in completing my projects. Definitely time well spent."

--Senior Leadership Development Executive

How to be your best

Some of the most successful executives use coaches. Johnson & Johnson now spends $100,000 a head to support its senior team with a coach, a dietician, and a physiologist, to foster the best possible performance. Eric Schmidt, Chairman and CEO of Google said that his best advice to new CEOs was “have a coach.” William Johnson of H.J. Heinz Co. noted that “every CEO can benefit from strong, assertive, and honest coaching.” Steve Bennett, former CEO of Intuit says “At the end of the day, people who are high achievers--who want to continue to learn and grow and be effective--need coaching.” See Psychology Today’s article on “Why Every CEO Needs a Coach”. This HBR post discusses new Stanford University data about what CEOs want from coaching.

For more on brain science, click here to see what experts Deepak Chopra, MD and Rudolf Tanzi, PhD say about how your genes can make you happier. Another recent article, The Neuroscience of Leadership, explains how breakthroughs in brain research make organizational transformation succeed.

SHRM provides a useful overview of why companies use coaching today in their recent article Calling In A Coach. Bonus information on pitfalls, cost, and quality tips.

Professional coaching comes from the world of sports and the arts where athletes and actors receive coaching so that their work becomes extraordinary. Coaching gives you a secret weapon based in current neuroscience, a competitive edge that your un-coached peers do not enjoy.

With In Focus Leadership LLC coaching you get honest, neutral, third party assessment--not an echo-chamber. Every person inside your company has an agenda. My coaching shows you what you can’t see, and what others won’t tell you.  My agenda is to give you an opportunity to be even more successful. I challenge how you see the world. You’ll tap into your power and maximize your impact. You see more clearly, seize your next opportunity, and accelerate your success.


The best coaching is grounded in science. Scientists are continually discovering more about how our brain works. For example, neuroscience researcher Adam Gazzaley finds that our ability to focus begins to decline at age 23. Yet, in order to lead effectively, the ability to focus is critical to productivity, decision-making, reasoning, and more. The good news is that by taking specific action, we can reduce or halt this decline.

To lead effectively we have to unlearn some outdated behaviors as we grow. Fortunately, our brains are made to learn and change. As we go up the corporate hierarchy we’re expected to change our behavior. Some of those changes can be really hard. That’s where coaching and neuroscience come in to help us succeed as quickly as possible. A recent article, The Neuroscience of Leadership, explains how breakthroughs in brain research make organizational transformation succeed.

Painting: Dennis Kirk